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Real Estate Financing Solutions

CMA provides a wide variety of financing options that are custom-tailored to meet our clientís individual needs. Each transaction is unique and requires a comprehensive analysis to identify the best possible financing package.

Our team of seasoned mortgage analysts and underwriters evaluate each transaction and then prepare a customized financing proposal. We then personally meet with our lenders to negotiate financing terms and establish loan pricing. Our personal approach to presenting our clientís financing request in a professional and well organized format helps us to more effectively advocate for our clients. The end result is that our clients often receive financing commitments that meet or exceed their expectations.

Some transactions just donít seem to fit the profile that our private banks or institutional investors require. When this happens, our private lenders can often provide similar financing options generally at slightly higher costs. Prior to submitting transactions to our private lenders, we underwrite the loan request and present our investors with a complete package that includes financial documents, asset verification, income analysis, and recent appraisal. The decision to fund the loan request remains with the investor but our analysis of risk is often considered by our investors.

Once the transaction is completed and funded, CMA ensures the private investor receives a complete lender file and closing documents. Loan servicing is usually negotiated but many private investors prefer to utilize a private label servicing company to collect payments and disburse funds to the investor. CMA does not accept investor funds as itís appropriate for moneys to be deposited into escrow trust accounts to protect investor funds.



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